sweet bonde


  1. Boondi : Haldiram plain packet boondi (200gms)
  2. Sugar : 2 cup
  3. Cardamom : 4-5 pieces into powder


First of all make sugar syrup and for that take a deep pan , add 2 cup sugar into it and add 2 cup water . Let them boil until your two fingers makes a thred in between with the syrup. Now in the boiling syrup add readymade boondi and cardamom powder.Mix them well and turn off the gas. Put a lead on top of the pan for some time. All boondi will soak into the syrup. Your sweet boondi is ready. Its a super easy and less time consuming sweet. Enjoy this delicious dishnwith your love ones and share your feelingd with me in the comment box.

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