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potato longbeans cauliflower dry recipe


  1. Potato : Cut into cubes
  2. Cauliflower : Cut into medium florets
  3. Long beans : Cut long medium pieces
  4. Tomato : Cut into pieces
  5. Cashew : Soak into water, and make a smooth paste
  6. Cardamom : 2 pieces
  7. Cloves : 2 pieces
  8. Cinamom : 1 inch long
  9. Green chilli : 2
  10. Ginger : 1 inch piece, make paste of it.
  11. Salt : tastewise
  12. Sugar : Tastewise
  13. Master oil : Two spoon full
  14. Panchforon : One spoon
  15. Hing: half tea spoon
  16. Termeric powder : half tea spoon
  17. Corriander leaves


Wash all the vegetables and cut into pieces. Now take a kadai and add oil . When the oil become little hot add hing , panchforn , and whole garam masala. Now add cauliflower florets and fry for sometime with lid in low flame. After this add potato and long beans along with salt , sugar, and termeric powder. Fry all this three vegetables together for another 5-7 minutes. Now add diced tomatoes into it. Mix well and cook for some time. If you find all the vegetables became soft already then you add cashew paste into it. Mix well with all the vegetables. At the end add some fresh corriander leaves. Serve hot with chapati,parata,roti or rice.Enjoy my recipe and if you like it please share and leave a comment. See you with my next recipe.