Tomato Rasam

  1. Tomato : 4-5 ( cut into medium pieces)
  2. Ginger : 1.5 inch long ( cut into pieces)
  3. Green chilli : 1
  4. Curry leaves : 8-10
  5. Rasam powder : 1 table spoon
  6. Salt : tastewise
  7. Mustard seeds : 1 tea spoon
  8. Hing : one pinch
  9. Ghee : 1 table spoon
  10. Tamarind pulp : 1 table spoon ( optional)
  11. Coriander leaves : freshly chopped


  1. Take a pan , add cut tomatoes, ginger , green chilli and 4-5 curry leaves. Add little water into it and let it boil for 4-5 mins until the tomatoes become soft.
  2. Turn of the gas, let it become cool down. Then make a smooth paste of it with some fresh coriander leaves in grinder.
  3. Take a kadai, add ghee. Once become hot , add mustard seeds , hing and curry leaves. Now add the tomato paste and 2 cups of plain water .
  4. Let it boil. Once boiling starts, add salt and rasam powder. Let them boil for another 5 mins. Add tamarind pulp and again boil for 2-3 mins.
  5. Serve hot with freshly chopped coriander leaves .

This recipe is very healthy . If you are making for kids then you can skip adding green chilli. It goes well with plain white rice and also as a appetizer. Please try it in your home and share your experience with me in comment box.

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