1. Plain flour : 1 cup
  2. Ghee : 3-4 table spoon
  3. Curd : 2 spoon
  4. Salt : one small pinch
  5. Sugar : 1/2 cup
  6. Baking powder : 1/2 tea spoon
  7. Baking soda : 1/4 tea spoon


  1. Take a big bowl. Add plain flour with all the ingredients except for sugar. Now mix them nicely first without water. Then add just 3-4 spoon water and mix all together until they all bind . Once it bind do not knead much . It will not be a smooth dough. keep it with cover for 15-20 minutes to set.
  2. Now take small portions from it and give round flat shape and make a whole in between. But the whole will not be like donut.
  3. Now take a pan , add sugar and boil until it becomes medium thick sugar syrup. Keep it aside . It should be medium hot during soaking the balusahi.
  4. Take a thick pan , add oil. Deep fry all the balusahi in a very low flame until golden brown .
  5. Put all the balusahi into the sugar syrup and flip them 2-3 times and take them out from the syrup.
  6. Garnish with pistachios.

This sweet recipe liked by everyone as it is not very sweet. It has a crunchy texture along with the sweetness what most of the people like . Please try at home and share your experience with me in comment box.


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