Health Tips : Good Sleep😴😴

  1. To have a good sleep at night YOU have to start your day early. Do not sleep late at night.
  2. Finish your dinner before 2 hours you are going to sleep . Everyday go to bed by 10 PM.
  3. Do not spend much idle time by unnecessary negetive or with non productive thinking . Keep yourself always busy with some work.
  4. Spend time with kids. If you are alone watch happy movies or comedy movies.
  5. Take at least 8 glasses of water during day time. Dont drink much water before sleep.
  6. Do Not use mobile phone or any electronic gadgets after dinner .
  7. Avoid Aircon for whole night. Make your room cool once and switched it off.
  8. Keep your bed room airy .
  9. Meditate at least for 10 mins with a fixed sacred mantra like Om or if you have your own chanting mantra.
  10. Think yourself a very happy and loving person who can make others happy too, this way you can keep yourself happy better.
  11. Go to bed with a very happy mood, dont stress your mind with so many negetive and unproductive thoughts.
  12. Calm your mind and close your eyes.

Just try above all at least for one week, belief me your sleep will be completely normal and you will love yourself more and can enjoy with others too.

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