Veg frankie roll

INGREDIENTS for the Roti :

  1. Plain flour : 1 cup
  2. White oil : 2 table spoon
  3. Salt : tastewise
  4. Sugar : 1/2 tea spoon

INGREDIENTS for the Stuffing :

  1. boiled potato : 2-3
  2. Frankie masala : mixture of 1 spn chaat masala ,1 spn pawbhaji masala, 1/2 spn amchur powder,1 spn red chilli powder, black salt , sugar, salt
  3. Red chilli sauce : tastewise
  4. Capcicum : cut into lenghwise
  5. Cabbage : cut into lenghtwise
  6. Carrot : cut thin into lenghtwise
  7. Cheese : Tastewise
  8. Black pepper powder : 1 tea spoon


  1. Make a soft dough just like paratha and make small portions from it to make the parathas.
  2. Mashed the boiled potatoes and mix the frankie masala into it and in a very less oil cook for 5 mins.
  3. Saute the cut vegetable slices in very less oil with some black pepper powder for just 4-5 mins so that the vegetables remain crunchy.
  4. Now take a paratha, put sauce in the middle , sprinkle frankie masala , put mashed potato, put some sauted vegetables ,copped green chilli, add cheese on top.
  5. now roll it with tissue paper and serve hot .

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