Bengali steamed sandesh


  1. Milk : 2 litre
  2. Lemon : 2 medium size
  3. Sugar : 5-6 spoon ( powdered)


First of all make chena from the fresh milk using the lemon juice. For making chena you need to boil the milk first and then add the lemon juice slowly and suddenly the milk solid will start to seperate. Now drain all the water with a drainer and keep the chena in a cotton mushlin cloth and wash it in running water for removing the lemon flavour from chena.Now hang the chena for atleast one hour. Now add the chena in mixer grinder with powdered sugar and milk and grind them all one by one . Ma ke a semi liquid paste of chena . Now take a mould and greeze with ghee and pour the chena batter into it. Add kesar from top.Pre boil water in a big pan with cover and place a stand into it.Now add the mould inside the boiling water and cover it. Now let it steam for 20-25 mins. Take out the mould and let it cool down outside.Now keep it inside refrigerator to let it set properly. Once it set keep the mould on gas oven just for few seconds so that the ghee melts from bottom inside the mould.Now place the whole sandesh into a plate and give your choiceable size. Its a very very yummy dessert what you can make very easily at home. Enjoy this delicious recipe with your loved ones and share your experience with me in comment box.

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